To provide the best quality products to our valued clients Access Industrial Solutions partnered with the World Renowned elevator company Sigma. A company with a proud history of almost 50 years, Sigma has excelled in producing High Quality elevators for an array of industries over the years.



Starting in 1968, “Goldstar” elevators, and later on, “LG Elevators’, were counted among the world’s top elevator brands. With the beginning of this new millennium, that legacy lives on through the birth of “SIGMA” elevators.

SIGMA Elevator Company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality products, and services. SIGMA elevators feature unmatched safety, ride comfort, and modern design. SIGMA escalators and moving walkways are held to similar safety and comfort standards and are integral parts of our modern urban aesthetics.

SIGMA Elevator Company is committed to increasing customer value through a sharp focus on product innovation and customer satisfaction. With technology developed over the past 30 years, an enduring innovative spirit, and enthusiastic attitude towards providing customer value, Sigma Elevator Company stands by its product and service lines with confidence.