Our Staff at Access Industrial Services are committed to offer you a personalized service that will inspire confidence within you on our entire service offering.

Access Industrial Services will guide you through your journey towards fulfilling your objectives when it comes to vertical transportation. We will make sure to provide the optimum product solution and will always put safety first.


The expertise that our staff members carry is depicted by the successful implementations thus far. Our factory trained Engineers and qualified Technical Staff and dedicated Support Staff would go the extra mile to provide a remarkable service to our Clients.

Customer Support

When you come to us, we will first ensure to understand your requirement precisely to offer the best product offering to you. Our Customer Support does not end there as we have a 24 hour call back service Hunting Line (0715567777) to ensure prompt response to any difficulty you may face.


SIGMA Elevators certainly lives up to its reputation when it comes to safety, durability and reliability. Therefore our comprehensive warranty plans (Minimum 18 Months) for each product portrays the confidence we have in our products.


Access Industrial Services ensures proper maintenance checks on elevators as we conduct regular inspection, adjustments and repairs and even replacement of all mechanical/electrical parts in order to ensure elevators are in optimum operating condition. Our comprehensive maintenance plans also carry a lifetime warranty for our products.